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Manufacturers of Rubber Washers and Lathe Cut Gaskets

Rubber Washers and Lathe Cut Gaskets

CF Gaskets embrace a wide range of manufacturing techniques to produce and supply their Rubber Washers and Gaskets.

Investment in new computer controlled machinery has meant that ACF-Gaskets is able to offer customers high quality rubber washers and gaskets at very competitive prices.

This is the case with either a one off "Washer" project or a mass production contract.

In-house processes allow for rubber washers to be manufactured up to a 1 meter diameter in a single section. Larger washers can be manufactured in fabricated stages.

For smaller washers, the use of multi-cavity tooling drives down item prices and reduces lead times.

Due to fast and flexible manufacturing processes, ACF-Gaskets can offer rubber washers with short lead times and low tooling costs (Depending on complexity of the rubber component).

ACF-Gaskets offer a custom range of Spec-Rubber washers in British Standards (BS), DTD, SAE, ASTM and AMS grade rubbers. ACF-Gaskets are not limited by commercial stock materials. ACF-Gaskets are able to manufacture moulded rubber sheets in-house from raw compound material, so there is no need to order in large material MOQs.

Rubber washers can be moulded in house using rubber moulding processes for when the material is expensive or a very tight tolerance is required.

Recent developments have shown lathe cut rubber washers to be an extremely cost effective way to manufacture square section seals and rubber washers. The advantages are: very little tooling cost and the items are very competitive on price for larger orders. Please feel free to enquire on the range of lathe cut rubber washers and square section seals available.

ACF-Gaskets stock over 20 grades of raw EPDM rubber and as a result have great flexibility as an EPDM gasket manufacturer and EPDM rubber washer supplier. EPDM rubber washers can be supplied as soft as 40 IRHD and has hard as 90 IRHD. Please feel free to request a sample to test on your application. We do also stock standard EPDM commercial grades of rolled sheet if required.

ACF-Gaskets can manufacture silicone rubber gaskets and washers for food, water and high temperature applications. We stock a wide selection of silicone rubbers ranging from 10 hard IRHD through to 90 Hard IRHD as well as a wide selection of Silicone sponges which can be processed into sponge washers and gaskets.

As well as this ACF-Gaskets stock over 300 other raw materials with a wide range of rubber specifications and grades. Please see rubber materials page for full rubber and silicone details.

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