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Rubber mouldings, Rubber gaskets and Rubber O Ring seals

Rubber Mouldings manufactured by ACF Gaskets

Rubber Mouldings

ACF-Gaskets manufacture custom rubber mouldings and O Rings in many different sizes and rubber materials.

ACF-Gaskets have manufactured over 4500 different rubber moulding designs. Rubber Mouldings are manufactured in house using one of ACF-Gaskets 30 high pressure presses. ACF-Gaskets have faculties for compression and injection moulding processes. This allows ACF-Gaskets to design and manufacture rubber mouldings to your requirements.

ACF-Gaskets has some of the best rubber moulding processing equipment on the market.

Investment in:

  • Computer controlled 'blanking machines' provides exact shot weight and control
  • The Rubber is moulded under 'Full Vacuum' conditions, designing out the chances of air traps in your O ring or moulded product
  • Full computer controlled Cryogenic trimming processes at temperatures down to minus 110 degrees C allow for controlled finishing and flash removal.
  • Full inspection equipment including the Vision Falcon "CNC Video Edge detection" inspection microscope provide automated inspection.

ACF-Gaskets have over 30 year's experience in manufacturing rubber moulded components in a wide range of rubber materials and silicones as can be seen on the materials page.

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