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Rubber Gaskets, FKM Gaskets, EPDM Rubber Gaskets. ACF-Gaskets can manufacture from an extensive range of materials

Gaskets for Your Application

ACF-Gaskets manufacture gaskets and seals to your requirements and application needs. UK based manufacturing faculties provide good in house knowledge of gasket manufacturing processes allowing staff to help you with your sealing design.

Gaskets can be manufactured in a verity of machines to meet your sealing needs.

EPDM Rubber Gaskets

ACF-Gaskets can produce your gaskets and seals from either knife edge tooling, cut directly from a DXF drawing on to a DXF bed, or Transfer injection-moulding for seals that require complicated gasket profiles. Seals can also be fabricated if the profile is too large for standard gasket tooling.

ACF-Gaskets use precision 'laser cut' gasket knives and specific gasket manufacturing press technology.

Many standard gasket materials and rubbers are stocked for quick reaction to enquiries and orders. ACF-Gaskets also stock a wide range of silicone sponges, (Including Silicone Sponge 515 and Sil 16 grades), Vitons®/FKM gasket materials in a range of thicknesses, EPDM rubbers, Neoprene rubbers and expanded foams, plastic foams (Including LD45), paper, card, corks and leather.

ACF-Gaskets can supply a wide range of 'spec' materials to manufacture your custom gaskets to British Defence and Aerospace requirements. We have the resources to manufacture self adhesive backed gaskets, incorporating a wide range of glues (including 3M transfer films). Whether you need moulded, water cut, laser cut, stamped or fabricated we are here to help.

EPDM Rubber Gaskets

For more details of our gasket product range including EPDM rubber gaskets and silicone sponge rubber gaskets, please feel free to call a member of staff or send an email to


ACF Gaskets maintains a superior level of quality because we are enthusiastic about taking control of the processes, machines and materials used in the manufacture of the products and improving them. The quality is not based on the presence of an inspector, it is a company belief that quality must be part of everything we incorporate in our day to day production. Quality is something we design in at every aspect of each process and in doing so, we design out errors.

ACF Gasket has a continuous improvement programme to propel us to a goal of 'zero internal defects', and although we haven't reached it yet, it is the drive that keeps us moving forwards and ever improving. We don't only use this principle in production lines, we integrate into other aspects of the company including, admin processes and customer paperwork. We have a set goal to deliver the correct part, to the correct place, at the right time, 100% of the time, without any product returns. It is this and the principles of TQM that keep ACF Gaskets ahead in this ever more demanding market.

Rubber Gaskets

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